Business leaders, whether family business or listed business,
and team leaders who realize the impact of their
interaction within the organization.

In today’s world, agility is key. Teams need to be flexible and project-driven. Team players are more than ever challenged to adapt to new teams. To create cohesiveness and perform well, open and transparent communication is key. Pat Annicq coaches teams to develop a culture of trust in which team members feel comfortable to speak up, to take personal risks in doing so, and to tackle conflict constructively. Pat guides leaders in their particular role of creating and supporting an interpersonal dialogue and constructive conflict resolution. Supported by solution-focused communication, with an emphasis on reflection-in-the-action, comprehension comes during the change process. This stimulates the interdependence and collaboration of the team within a continuous learning process.

How to find your leadership journey?

You get lost in this buzz-word-world ?
Pat offers you a customized journey towards your well defined goals.