Dr. Patricia Annicq

Differentiating Leadership
and Conflict Interaction Coach

Energy and Stress/Conflict management in Leadership

Communication strategy

IPEC Certified Coach

ELI Master Practitioner ( Energy Leadership Index)

Member of the International Coach Federation

Executive coach in WLF program at Harvard Business School june 2017

Trained as a medical doctor, Pat soon entered the world of management and devoted much of her professional life linking solution-focused communication to stress-reduction and enhancing one’s resources and potential. Pat consistently explores ‘the potential solutions behind the problem’, ‘the authentic person behind the leader’. She encourages others in discovering and developing their own self and authenticity; in realizing one’s own energy level in a situation of conflict and the role of communication when under stress. This requires facing reality, accepting clarity, a willingness to make choices and the courage to take and follow through on tough decisions.

Pat spent several years as HR and communications manager, both in local and global companies, while taking a post-graduate management programme, and developing a growing coaching practice focused on stress and burnout management. Supplemented by an Energy Leadership and Certification Programme (IPEC, London, ICF certified member) she applies her unique skills to coaching for stress within family-contexts, family businesses as well as in other organizations, recognizing that “(non) communication” plays an important role in all.